Christmas Decorations

For the first time that I can remember we decorated for Christmas when you’re supposed to, Thanksgiving weekend. We got the tree up after moving the furniture around, end table to the storage building, brought in the coffee table. Then got all of the indoor stuff set up. Lori did most of this, I just don’t know what to do or where to put stuff so its good that she takes care of that. This afternoon, I got all the lights hung up outside. We used our standard decoration of red lights with icicles and wrapped the posts in white lights. We hung out angel and added a Santa windsock thing this year.

Timothy seems a little on the hornery side by getting into everything and want to run around with all the ornaments. Emily was a big help in decorating the tree.

Yesterday and a week ago, Dad and I went to see Canadian play in the playoffs. They beat Post easily last week and earned a victory against Jim Ned this week. I doubt I get to see the next game (probably in Wichita Falls) since Lori is now 38 weeks pregnant with the C-Section scheduled for Tuesday, December 7, which is a mere 10 days away. Zachary Douglas will be here in no time.


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