ID Media Bias

HughHewitt does interesting review of the intelligent design article posted to the Washington Post. There are several good links included in his post as he does a quite convincing analysis of the bias therein.

UPDATE: Just read over a portion of an update posted by Hugh Hewitt to the above article. In an email to Hewitt by Daffyd, a self proclaimed “secular Jew, a true agnostic (not an atheist in drag), a trained mathematician, a published novelist, and politically non-Euclidean”, made a most enlightening comment with which I would like to verify with some research of my own.

I have always been fascinated by the Bible, and have read the King James version cover to cover, as well as having read fairly extensively in the current Catholic Bible and the best current translation of Tanakh, the Jewish Bible. In addition, I have read various creation myths from other cultures — Norse, Greek, many African and South Pacific cultures, and so forth. One fact has always struck me forcibly… the astonishing parallels between the Biblical account of creation and the current understanding of EB, parallels which do not exist in the creation stories of those other cultures. The order in which Genesis describes creation as occurring is almost exactly the same as the order in which EB envisions the evolution of life — indeed, going back before life to the creation of the solar system itself.

True? If so, does this say anything about a link between “special revelation” (the specific word from God concerning his relationship to his people) and “general revelation” (the presentation that God made concerning himself through his creation event)?

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