Happy New Year!!!

1. Stay on weight watchers eating plan through semester.
2. Ride bike at least three times a week.
3. Make daily prayer a true time of fellowship with God.
4. Focus more on student learning and less on my teaching.
5. Unless absolutely necessary, don’t bring work home.
6. Begin and maintain a weekly Bible time with family.
7. Relearn NT Greek
8. Read the numerical analysis books on reading list
9. Publish at least twice. Present at least three talks.
10. Prioritize quarterly date nights with Lori.
11. Play?

9 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!!

  1. Differential Equations: that was a great class right there. I enjoyed the existance and uniqueness of solutions. Those were some pretty cool proofs. First order odes were ok. The real fun in solving them came in with the higher order odes. I always wanted to do more with pdes. Oh well. And about numerical methods to solve the 99.9% of equations that can’t be solved: stick with the Taylor series (this is of course coming from personal preference).


  2. On the date night, my tip is don’t do quarterly, do weekly. Seriously. It makes it harder to procrastinate if there’s a designated night each week which is date night. That’s what my wife and I do and it seems to work well.


  3. I would have to agree with the VP there. Make it once a week. A spouse date doesn’t have to be routine (pizza and a movie) or extravagant, but your spouse needs to have your full attention on a regular basis. I’ve been married nearly thirty-six years; trust me on this one.


  4. I can’t think of anything better than a weekly date with my favorite person in the world. Unfortunately, resolutions should be attainable and until either grandparents move closer for free babysitting or I am paid enough to fund a weekly babysitter, we’ll set our sights on an attainable goal. And note, by “date” we’re talking dressing up and going out. We’re very creative when it comes to giving each other full attention, especially after the kids are in bed.


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