Monthly Archives: June 2006

Is my plate full?

I’m starting to feel as though I have taken on a few too many projects. I’m still managing to keep my chin up and spend great time with the family each day but I may be getting to the point that I have said yes too many times and volunteered my services a few too many times. . . Nah!

Here’s a list of the current and upcoming projects in which I am involved:

1. Bioinformatics Research: I don’t know if I should call this a project as it is an actual paying job, but I do put in a full 33 hours a week on this (25 on the job and 8 commuting). Currently, I am working to identify cell wall genes in Arabidopsis and Poplar plants by comparing their gene structure to known cell wall genes in cotton fiber. Next, I’ll be using a bioinformatics approach to identifying micro-RNA in the cotton genome, first by comparing to known structures in rice and arabidopsis, but also by another approach that involves only the cotton fiber gene structure. It’s turned out to be surprisingly interesting.

2. Vacation Bible School: Earlier this year the director of the Vacation Bible School at my church came and asked if I would be able to help by directing the 5th grade department in VBS. I told her, “I don’t think so. I’m working at Tech this summer and it just wouldn’t work.” That was me talking and God had a different idea and nudged me a few times over the next couple of weeks. I realized that I would probably be able to make my schedule work, so I ate crow and went back and volunteered. She told me, “No one’s ever come back after saying no.” I knew it was the right thing to do and I am really looking forward to it. Starts in about a week.

3. Supply Preaching: I don’t know why but that term is starting to bother me. But, apparently, that is what its called. Even though, in my mind, preaching is not really a commodity to be supplied. Sorry for that digression. I will be preaching tomorrow (Sunday, June 4th) at the First Baptist Church of Wilson, TX, south of Lubbock. I’ll be “supplying” for both morning and evening services. I’m really looking forward to it because Lori and the kids are coming this time around.

4. Presentation System Director: Fancy title for a “spacebar pusher.” Actually, there’s a little more to running the projection system at the church, like loading scripture verses on they fly and reading the Pastor’s mind as he preaches so I know when to bring up the next cue, or slide. When one of our ministers left for another church, I volunteered and have been the main go to guy on that for the last couple of weeks. Fortunately, the job is soon to be shared among a few other volunteers once they get trained.

5. Church website designer: I just volunteered to help out, again, with the website since the church office worker that was doing it left this week. I designed the site as it is today but it needs a lot of work and I’m not very happy with the look of it, so I’m going to be modifying it, as I have time.

6. Math Professer: Yes, I’m still a teacher amidst all the above. For the summer, I am teaching a developmental math course at the Amarillo campus for Wayland. Speaking of which, that starts Monday and I should be working on that instead of blogging. Ah, I’ll get to it, don’t worry.

6. Other roles: Sunday School Director (with Lori), Secretary for the Faculty Senate at Wayland, handyman around the house (refinishing furniture, house brick repair, etc.) , and whatever else I am forgetting I’ll probably get a phone call asking, “WHERE ARE YOU??” sometime.

And don’t worry, family is still first. I took Lori on a “late” anniversary date today. I get to play with my kids a least a couple hours every day.

It’s suppertime, then bathtime, so SuperDad is off to save the day. “TIMOTHY, DON’T PLAY IN THE TOILET!!!!”