Friday Random 10

It’s back after a few weeks on hiatus:

  1. Blind Frail, Jars Of Clay (Jars Of Clay)
  2. Such A Groovy Guy, Weird Al Yankovic (Weird Al Yankovic)
  3. The Ashoken Farewell/The Contradiction, Celtic Woman
  4. How To Save a Life, The Fray (How To Save A Life)
  5. Goin’ Out Of My Head, Little Anthony & the Imperials (The Best Of Little Anthony & The Imperials)
  6. Giving It All Up For Love, Huey Lewis & the News (Picture This)
  7. I’ll Be There For You (Friends), Rembrandts
  8. I Worship You, Above All Worship (2 of 2)
  9. Stand (LP Version), Veggie Tales (Veggie Tunes 2)
  10. Veggie Tales Theme Song, Veggie Tales (Veggie Tunes 4)

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