A Change is Coming

I’ve taken a post-doctoral research position in Bioinformatics at Texas Tech University. I am going into full-time research for a while. I have decided that the next step in my career is to pursue a larger commitment to research. That doesn’t mean I am completely done with education. I have developed an online College Algebra course for Wayland and will teach as an adjunct for its Virtual Campus. I hope to continue this indefinitely but we’ll just have to see how well such a course will work.

I hope to use this blog to document my progress in learning the field of bioinformatics and the issues I have had to address in the transition. Currently, I am learning Perl for the first time. Over the past summer, I did some work for my future boss and in most of the work I did, I utilized C# with its strong set of Regular Expressions tools. Since so many people are still using Perl for Bioinformatics, I feel it is necessary to get a good handle on it. So far, it’s mostly syntax that I have to learn since many of the primary programming language components, I am used to, are all there. I’ve done text processing with C# so that aspect is not entirely new.

Next on the horizon, is to hone my skills in MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server. Down the road, I’ll also have to be introduced to Oracle since we are using a software package from Agilent that uses it. I was asked the other day whether I know R, the open source statistical package. I have not ever used it but I did quick survey of what it can do and realized that a lot, if not most, of what you can use R for, I can already do in MATLAB. So, I’ll be learning it as well along with the Bioconductor package which provides specific tools in R for computational biology.

I’ll also use this blog to put interesting software tools that I come across and use on a regular basis.

2 thoughts on “A Change is Coming

  1. Well done, Scott, and good luck. It’s a big step you’re taking but you’ve been given some outstanding opportunities for getting into bioinformatics — which looks like a really cool field to get into — and it only makes sense to keep going.

    I’ll keep reading the blog, but I won’t pretend to understand any of the technical stuff you post. 🙂


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