LaTEX Collaboration site

small-monkey-holidays.pngMove over Google Docs, there’s a new option for LaTEXies like myself. I still need to play with it a bit, but MonkeyTex gives the option of editing, storing, sharing and collaborating LaTEX documents. It has bibtex support as well as style sheets.

I’d like to use it as a way to train my students in typesetting their mathematics papers with LaTEX.

HT:Your bones got a little machine.

2 thoughts on “LaTEX Collaboration site

  1. Hi, I’m the founder of ScribTeX [1] which is an online LaTeX editor which we feel has improved on a number of keys features over the alternatives out there. We’ve tried to recreate the offline experience as well as possible, so you can create multipart documents with images, bibtex bibliographies, custom style files and any other file that can be included by LaTeX.

    We’ve also made collaboration really easy. With just a few clicks, you can share your documents with others and ensure you’re all editing the up-to-date version. All changes are recorded by ScribTeX so you can easily see who modified what, and because any edit can be undone you needn’t worry about making mistakes or losing your important work. And when you’re ready, you can compile your LaTeX documents into pdfs with a single click.

    If you liked MonkeyTeX, I’m sure you’ll love ScribTeX.




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