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Would you like to have full, free access to the online version of the Encyclopedia Britannica?  If you are a "Web Publisher", you are invited to sign up for a free account.  Why free?  In their own words,

“It’s good business for us and a benefit to people who publish on the Net,” said Britannica president Jorge Cauz. “The level of professionalism among Web publishers has really improved, and we want to recognize that by giving access to the people who are shaping the conversations about the issues of the day. Britannica belongs in the middle of those conversations.”

I just received notice today that my account has been approved. If you are a blogger, webmaster, online journalist and anyone else who publishes regularly on the Internet then you can now get a free subscription to Britannica Online.

Visit to get more of the details.  I requested my access a couple of weeks ago and did not hear anything.  So a couple of days ago, I re-requested and received confirmation today.  They sent me a coupon code and I signed up as any other subscriber but by entering the code, I receive one free year of access. Very cool!

First random factI learned as a Britannica subscriber: The United Arab Emirates ranks number one in the world in percent of population male at 67.63%, while Latvia ranks first in percent of population female at 53.97%.

2 thoughts on “Free Access to

  1. There is evidence that the amount of food a woman eats prior to pregnancy can affect the gender of the child. Known for various animals for awhile, now demonstrated in humans by clinical trial.


  2. I remember seeing that but I’m pretty sure that they weren’t effective enough to reach a 67.63% bias. That certainly sounds like some other sort of gender selection is going on.


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