Extracting Broken Headphone Jack

Headphone Jack 002The HTC8125 (Wizard) brought another adventure (see previous adventure).  This time around the cradle that we use for charging managed to break off a piece inside the headphone jack.  This cradle is also a speaker so in addition to a charging plug, there is also a headphone plug that inserts into the phone.  Unfortunately, Lori (now the proud owner of my old smartphone) has had some difficulty docking the phone into the cradle.  Unbeknownst to her, the headphone plug broke this morning as she grabbed the phone and headed to Lubbock.

She realized there was a problem when the only sound the phone would make was when it rang.  It would not make any noises and she could not talk to anyone over the phone.  Luckily, she could still communicate with the world through text messaging, so I knew that she wasn’t laying in a ditch somewhere unable to speak when she called me.

We diagnosed the problem when she got home:

How to removed a broken headphone plug from the headphone jack?

Solution:  Cut a piece of a straw about 1 1/2 inches long, then cut it length wise in half.  It is important to note that the phone jack is not a standard headphone plug, but smaller so if you are attempting to use this technique to extract a plug in your mp3 player or other phone, you may need to use more of the straw than just half.  Also, if you use this technique, I take no responsibility for the outcome.  It worked for us, but try it at your own risk.

Now, roll up the straw and insert into the jack to protect the internal parts from the super glue.  Take a tooth pick and douse it in super glue and insert into the jack.  I actually tried this whole technique a couple of times and didn’t get it to work until I used a significant amount of super glue.  Once inserted, I allowed it to set and yanked it out.  Ouila!!

Headphone Jack 001      

EXTRACTED!!  Woohoo!  It now works like a charm.

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