Another Calculus Limerick

I love a good math limerick.  And, no, “Nantucket” is never a destination for some mathematician in a good math limerick.  Here’s a new one I discovered online:

[tex]displaystyle int_{0}^{frac{pi}{6}} sec y , dy = ln sqrt{3} (i)^{64}[/tex]

For the laymen,

The integral sec y dy                         -> (read as “seek y dee y”)
From zero to one-sixth of pi
Is the log to base e
Of the square-root of three
Times the sixty fourth power of i.

This rivals my favorite limerick of all time. And I can’t talk about limericks without repeating it for you:

[tex]displaystyle int_1^{sqrt[3]{3}} z^2 , dz cdot cos left( frac{3pi}{9} right) = ln sqrt[3]{e} [/tex]

Again, for the unconverted,

The integral z-squared dz
From one to the cube root of 3
Times the cosine
Of three pi over nine
Is the log of the cube root of e.

“It’s gold, Jerry! Gold!”


14 thoughts on “Another Calculus Limerick

  1. The second of the integral limericks above (the one with ‘z square dz…’ ) indeed sounds cool, but I don’t think it works out mathematically. Two other engineers and myself have evaluated it and keep coming up with 2/3 = 1/3, which is of course incorrect.


  2. Dr. Zen, you and your engineers aren’t the brightest bunch, are you? Im guessing you forgot to multiply by cos(3pi/9) (which = 1/2)


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