My Prezi at ICTCM

I went out on a limb today.  During my talk that I presented at the ICTCM 2010 conference in Chicago, instead of using a more traditional media supplement to my talk (such as overhead, powerpoint or PDFs), I used Prezi.  Some of you may have heard of it, but most of you probably haven’t.

I discovered it the same way I discover most emerging technologies.  I was listening to TWIT and heard them refer to a tool that they assumed everyone had heard about and everyone was using.  So, as a joiner, I had to run out at play with it.  It certainly was intriguing but a bit flashy for me.  It ranked up there with animations and sound affects in Powerpoint (proper use is rarely or never).

What is Prezi? 

At it’s simplest, it is a zooming presentation editor.  Instead of emphasis on components of your presentation being controlled by slides or by bulleted lists, you emphasize with size and zooming.  There is a good video explanation at

I’m still not sold on it but the attendees of my talk seemed to enjoy it.  One thing I really enjoyed is that is was easy to use and it certainly served as a great “canvas” to map out my talk before I even knew how I was going to structure it.

I have embedded the presentation below if you would like to take a look.  If you can’t see it, visit

Title of Talk: Developing Online Video Lectures for Online and Hybrid Algebra Courses

Short Description: An approach to deploy a comprehensive lecture video series for Intermediate and College Algebra is presented. This specific approach utilizing tablet technology combined with software for screen recording and for journaling was designed to obtain small video size for relatively low bandwidth online access.


The Prezi:


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