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ScribTEX moves my LaTEX editing online

Thanks to a comment in an earlier post on MonkeyTex, I was introduced to an online tool for editing and compiling LaTEX documents and projects. 


For those that don’t know, LaTEX is a tool used by mathematicians, scientists, and engineers to typeset their print or electronic documents.  In order to render the symbolic notation in a readable format, quickly and easily, LaTEX documents are written in a text format that is then run through a compiler that produces a file (dvi, postscript or pdf) that can be distributed. 

ScribTEX is an online editor with a full LaTEX environment. It has all the flexibility of LaTEX with all the functionality of an online editor.  ScribTEX also has that great web 2.0 feel to it.  You can create projects and type your LaTEX code directly online. Then, click the compile button and your pdf document is ready to be downloaded. There are tools that make collaboration easy.  I can store all of my documents up in the cloud so that I can access them from anywhere. 

I currently have a solution using LiveMesh that allows me to get to most of my files anywhere but its sometimes clumsy and delayed in getting the files synchronized.  This way, all my information is available anywhere I have the internet.

You can download your projects and upload them again if you need to work offline.  You can easily upload any of your current content up to ScribTEX. I still want to do more testing so that I can make sure that all my old projects play nice with their system.  But at this point, I highly recommend it for any of you LaTEX afficionados.  Give it a try if you haven’t already!

For years, I’ve been using a Windows implementation of LaTEX called MikTEX alongside the WinEdt text editor that integrates with LaTEX.

I’m switching to ScribTEX!

(Thanks, James, for your comment on the earlier post!)