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Teaching in the One iPad Classroom

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I have the great privilege of being able to gather with some 60 K-12 educators and lead them in a workshop to learn how to incorporate technology into their classroom.

At the Region 17 Education Service Center in Lubbock on Friday, February 8, 2013, I am leading a technology workshop entitled, “Teaching in the One iPad Classroom”.

Here’s what we hope to be covering: (from the abstract on their website)

In this workshop, attendees will be introduced to strategies for using the iPad to teach in the modern classroom. Software tools and apps will be presented that allow wireless mirroring of an iPad through the projector in the classroom as well as remote control of your desktop computer while teaching. Additionally, a range of apps will be presented that offer a basis for interactivity in the classroom and a powerfully visual presentation of concepts.

Much of the content for this has been taken from the Teacher Quality Grant for which I am the lead instructor.  As part of the Teacher Quality Grant (2012-13), high school and junior high algebra teachers have learned how to integrate the iPad into their curriculum and even use it to develop their own curriculum elements.

Here is the handout that is being made available as part of the workshop: Workshop Handouts

Other Classroom Management Apps