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New YouTube Channel – SplineGuyMath

I’ve just completed creating a new YouTube channel (SplineGuyMath) specifically to house the videos I created for my online courses.  As early as 2007, I began creating a series of lecture videos for Intermediate and College Algebra.  As part of an agreement with Wayland Baptist University, those videos were incorporated into their online math curriculum and are still the centerpiece of the online courses that we offer in those areas. Those videos belong to the University so you’ll have to look into taking online courses with Wayland to see those…

Taking the same approach, I began developing videos for other courses, from Trigonometry to Numerical Analysis to Differential Equations, and many other topics as the need arose.  For the ones I own the rights to, I’ve decided to just throw them out there for anyone that might be interested.  A quality online college level course is MUCH more than just the content or lectures that might accompany it, it is the guidance and personal instruction provided by the teacher.  Plus, for a math course, it requires you to actually “do the math,” not just watch it be “performed.”

So, I’m giving away my video content to anyone who wants it.  I just hope it’s useful to someone.  You can find my channel here:

Below is the first lecture series that will be going up.  Trigonometry!  There are some “fill-in-the-blank” style notes that go along with it, if you’re interested.  You can order these from here:
Trigonometry: Lecture Notes (Spiral Bound)
Trigonometry: Lecture Notes (ebook)

I’ll keep you posted here with any new series or videos that go up.  Subscribe if you’re interested!