Blackboard Grader App for iOS

[Cross-posted on the E-Learning Pioneer – Blog of the Virtual Campus]

There is finally an app for Blackboard that has been designed with the online instructors in mind. The Blackboard Grader App is now available and gives instructors an option for reviewing, providing feedback, and grading student submissions to Blackboard Learn Assignments.

BbGrader_hero2_tcm21-7049With the new Bb Grader app, instructors can view a detailed list of all submissions to any assignment and can sort based on category of information.  Instructors can add comments directly to student previews, annotate  paper submissions, and provide rich feedback.

After installing the app on your iOS device, search for “Wayland Baptist University” and then sign in with your Blackboard credentials.  Once logged in you will be able to navigate through all your courses.  Selecting a course will bring up a list of assignments you have available for grading.  Opening an assignment will show you all the students who have completed the assignment. If you use rubrics, you’ll be able to fill them out directly in the app.

The icing in the cake is that you can also give feedback through the app in audio or video form.  For now, it is highly recommended that you keep any of this sort of feedback brief and to the point.

For more information, demo videos, and how-to’s check out the links below:

Blackboard Grade App:

Blackboard Help for Grader App:

Blackboard Learn Quick Hit Video:



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