Mathematics and 3D Printing

From the upcoming Fall 2017 School of Mathematics and Sciences Newsletter:

The Dean has a new hobby and, as a result, a whole lot of new toys.


The School of Math and Sciences has entered the world of 3D printing by acquiring a new Cartesian-model 3D printer.  The Monoprice Maker Select V2 is a hobbyist’s dream, but it also has great potential for classroom use as well as in our research programs.  Thanks to a large online community of “makers,” and a particularly large user base for this particular model, the Maker Select is ideal for small projects at low cost.


The original goals of having a 3D printer in the school centered on being able to create manipulatives to visualize concepts in three dimensions. Examples include conic sections in Algebra, the disc and shell methods in Calculus, nets in Geometry, or even more advanced topics in Computer Aided Geometric Design.

However, since acquiring the equipment, some NEW projects are now being considered.  We now have plans to begin printing scale replicas of outcroppings for use in our Geology courses and research.  We are also exploring the use of the printer to develop molds for our micro-fluidics research in Chemistry.

We can almost guarantee the next time you visit us on campus, we’ll be printing something so stop by the Dean’s Corner and see what new creation is on the print bed.



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