I am currently the Dean of the School of Mathematics and Sciences at Wayland Baptist University, having formerly served as the Director of the Virtual Campus at Wayland. I’m married with three kids. I spend most of my free time playing with my kids or watching them play. I love to golf, read, and program for fun. I teach undergraduate courses in Applied Mathematics such as Differential Equations, Mathematical Modeling, Advanced Calculus and Analysis. I also enjoy directing undergraduate research in Mathematics with projects ranging from optimal portfolio theory to the construction of a computational cluster for bioinformatics projects. Above all else, I am a Christian who believes that the reason the world is so interesting to study is because it is a reflection of its creator. I am passionate about mathematics precisely because it is a revelation of God’s order, structure, and faithfulness to his creation.


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  1. I love that you describe yourself as a Christian mathematician! As a fellow Christian and lover of math (and a teacher of it) I agree with your comments that math is great because it reflects our Creator. I found your blog as I looked up review ideas. Thanks for sharing!!


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